Fundamental beliefs

Fundamental beliefs

Agape Christian Church exists to glorify God through making disciples, mature in their faith, and who serve the Lord Jesus Christ in ‘agape’ love.

Here are the fundamental values of Agape Christian Church:

Christ – centered church
Bible – centered church
Worship – centered church
Character – centered church
Discipleship – centered church
Equipping – centered church
Serving in Christian love – centered church
Activities in Agape Christian Church

Spiritual activities:

Worshipping God;
Spiritual edification of believers;
Proclamation of the Gospel to unsaved people;
National and international mission;

Educational activities:

Sunday school for children, teenagers and youth;
Bible studies in small groups;
Seminars, conferences, concerts;
Trips, camps and other outdoor activities.

Social activities:

Visiting old people at their homes;
Visits to hospitals, old people in asylum, orphanages and prisons.
Fundamental beliefs of Agape Christian Church:

We believe and strongly support these fundamental truths:

1. The Bible is God’s complete revelation to mankind, with no errors in its original manuscripts, word by word inspired by God, it has the supreme authority in all issues of faith and ethics.

2. There is One Living God, Infinite, Holy, eternally existent in Three distinct, but similar in nature, co-equal and co-eternal Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

3. Jesus Christ was born of virgin Mary, being conceived from the Holy Spirit. He lived a sinless life and died on the cross as an atonement sacrifice for the sins of all people. On the third day, He was resurrected in body. Forty days later He rose to Heaven and He will come again on earth.

4. The Holy Spirit is the divine person sent to spiritually regenerate the sinner who repents and to live within the believer, to guide him, encourage him and sanctify him so that he may live a new life according to God’s will.

5. Man was created by God but he sinned against God and he desperately needs salvation.

6. Salvation is received as a gift from God, by faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as unique and sufficient way of having forgiveness. Thus, man is spiritually regenerated by the Holy Spirit.

7. True church is made of all those people who were spiritually regenerated (born again) trough the Holy Spirit, by the faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

8. There will be a resurrection of both the saved and the unsaved people, the first will be resurrected for eternal life, the last for eternal punishment.